30 January

2012 was freaking awesome – bring on 2013!

Wow, what a year 2012 was for us – we flipping rocked it!

Nottingham clearly didn’t know what was going to hit it because we achieved so much in what felt like no time at all. Here are a few of our highlights:

  • 2012 was the year we became a WFTDA apprentice league so in 2013, we’ll be doing everything we can to make ‘Member’ status, including following all the WFTDA sanctioning rules voluntarily.
  • 2012 was the year we had our first international bout and faced the might of London Roller Girls.
  • 2012 was the year we won Sports Club of the year at the Nottingham City Council Sports Awards 2012
  • 2012 was the year we won 70% of our bouts.
  • 2012 was the year we met Sharron Davies, John Inverdale and Daley Thompson and taught them to skate on their Join In tour of the UK.

We had a real focus on recruitment in 2012 and managed to attract some awesome skaters who we have been beasting and tormenting with all kinds of awesome drills, core and endurance. We have seen such an amazing retention rate of newbies (or ‘Sparks’ as we call them) that we’ve been able to progress more skaters up to our intermediate level (firecrackers) and even get some up to be flames. We need to say a big thanks to the amazing people who have walked through the doors to recruitment and thrown themselves into the Harlot way of life, with all you guys on board, we are on our way to a bigger and stronger league. xx

So what will 2013 bring for us?

We have already hosted one masterclass lead by Co-Head of Training, El Visious which focussed on speed and stride. We were overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm of all the skaters that turned up that we are hosting another masterclass in March called “Jammer Time”. This masterclass is aimed at post min skills skaters who want to learn to become badass jammers. Click here to find out how you can secure your place.

An early win for our skaters was sending Harlots to Tattoo Freeze on 13th January for the Sur5val tournament in Telford where we came 7th. We are all mega proud of Joannasaurus, Terroraki Smak, Bunnie Suicide, Wren E. Gade and May K. Fist who represented us so well… and also those who went to scream like loonies in the audience for our girls.

But what you really need to know is that our first home bout is on Saturday 2nd March and we are playing Royal Windsor Roller Girls in Nottingham. We might have had a break at Christmas but we’re hungrier than ever for the winning! After that, our first away game of the year is against Newcastle Roller Girls at the end of March. We’ll let you know as soon as tickets become available.

We’ve got so much more planned that our fabulous committee are working overtime to hash out the details for… we’re talking about great things like our return match with Crime City Rollers in Malmo, Sweden, more masterclasses, recruitments, events, another Join In event and more. This is our year and we are The Hellfire Harlots, RARRRRR!!!!

The other cool stuff we do in Nottingham

As a league, we do more than skate, kill and destroy, we do some really cool things!

Did you know…

We also work hard for our chosen charities, CP Sports and the Nottingham Women’s Centre. We’ve got some exciting stuff in the diary coming up but if there is anything charitable that our roller girls can do, then speak to our Charity Coordinator, Sophie a.k.a. Kay Blammity.

I don’t know about you but I am worn out thinking about all the amazing stuff coming up for the Hellfire Harlots in 2013! Keep coming back to our website for more about the Hellfire Harlots.