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Happy 80th Anniversary Roller Derby!

Happy anniversary old girl! Yep, roller derby is 80 years old today and we couldn’t be happier. The sport might have had more reinventions and rule changes than Madonna and Lady Gaga have changed their style but we are so happy to be part of something revolutionary that changes everybody it touches… for the better…. Read more »

Best of 3 Hot Wheel Roller Derby? Hell Yes!

live roller derby

  In our 3rd bout of the year we take on arch rivals Hot Wheel Roller Derby! We first took on Hotwheel Roller Derby in our first ever home bout in 2011 clinching a narrow win. In 2012 those hard working hotties triumphed on their home turf so we said. ” Best of 3?” and… Read more »

Nottingham Roller Derby Supports CP Sport

Nottingham roller derby team the Hellfire Harlots do a lot more than Skate, Kill, Destroy. We do more than party and eat Bunnie Suicide’s home made ice cream cakes too! We understand and appreciate how lucky we are to be independent and strong sports women and are always looking for ways we can help further… Read more »

Hellfire Harlots Prepare For First Bout of 2013

live bout

Nottingham roller derby team, the Hellfire Harlots are preparing to take on Royal Windsor Roller Girls in their first bout of 2013. The bout will be held at the Lee Westwood Centre, Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus at 12.45pm on Saturday 2nd March 2013. The Hellfire Harlots have never played Royal Windsor before but with… Read more »