14 March

Bums, Bruises and Bumps

I began roller derby with the Hellfire Harlots in September 2013 and I was so nervous. I had been teasing the idea for 2 years before actually doing it, and each time I found an excuse why I shouldn’t – from a lack of self-confidence to the worries of getting hurt. But that day in September everything changed! I began my third year of university, had a lovely boyfriend and had lost almost 2 stone in weight and I was ready – but I had no need to be worried about all these trivial things! I walked in, alone, to a hall of newcomers, some in pairs and some alone too, of all shapes and sizes to the biggest smiles ever from the lovely Hellfire Harlots. I had finally found a sport I wanted to do and that accepted me for me!

My first session was a killer! I had skated previously in life, but it had not prepared me for this. Being on wheels for the whole session was difficult the first time – I won’t lie – but with each session it became easier and I absolutely LOVED it! The second session, I got my first mega bruise right along my hip bone but instead of worrying about it, I showed it off! Even now, I wear my bruises with such pride, and a huge smile hits my face when people notice them and gain interest in the sport!

In January, I was asked to join the Firecrackers and I happily accepted. Skating with the Harlots that first session was daunting but made me feel proud to be there with them! I had bruises, aches, pains and tired little legs but I did not care! The Harlots made me feel so welcome, so involved and part of an amazing, crazy family.

Roller derby is a phenomenal sport. It is liberating, confidence-building and inspiring. My bum has got perkier, my thighs firmer and my core has definitely got stronger. I am still learning – I have a long way to go to even get close to the amazingness that is the Flames but I am determined to get there one day – even if it takes me 10 years! Sometimes I have bad days where everything goes wrong and sometimes I have days where I feel I can take over the world – these things happen and I have learned to accept this! A note to everyone though- the only thing that stands in your way is yourself so move out the way and kick ass!

I just want to thank everyone for helping me so far and for making me feel so welcome! Being part of the team is such an amazing experience and you have all become so important to me I’ve met so many gorgeous people, and each session is full of smiles and laughs! So, thank you all!

Love, Betty Boom