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The open recruitment experience – Vamp Vengeance

Hello potential new recruits! My name is Vamp Vengeance (aka Naomi) and I’m currently a semi-newbie with Nottingham’s Hellfire Harlots. I (hopefully) will be graduating out of Sparks (which is essentially the beginner training group!) just before the new intake in April 2019. I started roller derby on the 11th October 2018, with images of… Read more »

Roller Derby + Half Marathon = !?!?!?!?!?!

Did you get involved in roller derby without much of an athletic background? Did derby become your slippery slope/gateway drug to actually using that gym you have a membership to? Do you struggle to fit in a rest day amongst your training days and cross-training days? Check, check, and check: this was already me. How… Read more »

A Team Seize European Tournament Gold

This week, we returned home to the city with a 1st place trophy following a nail-biting tournament in Nantes, France last weekend. This is the second time the A Team have played at Nantes Derby Girls’ West Track Story roller derby tournament but changes in training, lineups and leadership within the league have been credited with driving the… Read more »