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Kit Review: Roll Line Killer Plates

Roll Line Killer Plate from Derby Store

Yeah, so I’m not going to lie and say I loved these plates from the start. In fact, I really disliked them and thought ‘oh my gosh, what have I done?’ It wasn’t love at first skate but after a month of skating the Roll Line Killer plates had truly won the fair lady’s heart. The… Read more »

Make May K. Fist a Vegan cover star!

Help us make May K. Fist Definition magazine’s Feb 2015 cover star by liking her cover on their Facebook page! Not only is May K. Fist a much-loved and dedicated member of the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots, she is our Head of Recruitment and has taught a huge number of our members how to skate and… Read more »

The Christmas Party and Raffle Winner!

Signing in board at Nottingham Hellfire Harlots Christmas Party

Our Christmas party is the highlight of many of our members’ year and who can blame them? Our Events team, headed up by Lanny Bomb put on an awesome party! We ate, we drank (a lot), we got our presents from Santa early and we drew the Christmas Hamper Raffle… Post by Hellfire Harlots – Nottingham…. Read more »

Christmas Hamper Raffle 2014

Christmas Hamper Raffle

Our annual Christmas Hamper Raffle is well under way and there are some lovely prizes already in the hamper. A training session for your league – From the Eight Plus Two Roller Derby Team we have an amazing prize for your league. Eight Plus Two Roller Derby are offering 3 hour, fully custom training session… Read more »

Hellfire Harlots Interleague Fun

Our interleague bouts are the best! Three sets of 30 mins to beast us all and the result? Many sweaty hugs at the end! Big love to our ref crew and NSOs for making this all possible, we can’t do it without you guys!   We were also fortunate enough to be joined by Neil… Read more »