Tiki Terror

What is your Roller Derby Name? Tiki Terror #626 How did you find out about roller derby? I was talking to a friend when I was in Birmingham about skating from a young age and she mentioned she used to play roller derby which sounded pretty cool! I went along, started roller derby in 2009… Read more »

Baby Stripes

Do you have a Roller Derby Name? Baby Stripes Who is your favourite ref, skater, NSO? Referees: Cherry Fury and Sir Osis NSO: McG 😉 Who are your favourite team? Officials of course! What is your derby dream? I would like to officiate overseas. What’s the best thing about being part of a roller derby… Read more »

May K Fist

Too busy skating (or planking) to write a profile.


What is your alter ego? (i.e. what do you do when you aren’t on the track) I work with children, ride motorcycles and try to stay fit. Who is favourite roller derby girl (or ref)? So many to choose from, I have a few favourite skaters in my league alone so I’ll start there, Bunnie… Read more »


Too busy NSOing to write a profile