3 May

Transferring to Hellfire Harlots – Spotlight on Becky Smith

Becky jamming against Newcastle. Photo cred Anja Wettergren

I transferred from Hull’s Angels Roller Derby (HARD) to Nottingham Hellfire Harlots in December 2018. I made this decision one afternoon, as I sat writing my proposal to become HARD’s Captain for the following season. But I felt restless. I wanted a challenge.

So that afternoon instead of writing my proposal, I messaged Nottingham Hellfire Harlots’ social media page and I was transferred before I even had time to realise what I’d done or what it meant. The next week I was there, training with them.

Nottingham Hellfire Harlots had always been a roller derby league I’d admired. To me they were tough, diverse, strategic and they work together as a team. So when I rocked up I was slightly nervous to say the least. I knew I was in trouble when Beel changed her top revealing a ridiculously toned stomach. I took a gulp and  got on track.

In the weeks to come my restlessness was stifled. This period saw me being hit so hard that I weed a little (which hadn’t happened in years), physically letting me know that the challenge had indeed come for me.

It saw me stuck in tripods, making a million cuts, aching after training and soaking in all the strategy they had to offer, which was plentiful. The following weeks I was still aching but slightly less, I began cutting the track less and began playing a part in some offensive strategies. I still weed occasionally after hard hits but the point is, improvement was being made!

Bringing us to today; last weekend I had my first open game with the Harlots’ A team where we took a win against Newcastle A, who are higher than us in the WFTDA rankings. The passion that the skaters and benches talk with when they’re talking about our sport is beyond.

This team means business. They have big plans and should be on your radar. They are the ones to watch. But I suppose now

I should say WE are the ones to watch.

Jamming for NHH A team. Photo cred Anja Wettergren