13 August

Happy 80th Anniversary Roller Derby!

1243718693-rollerderby1930Happy anniversary old girl! Yep, roller derby is 80 years old today and we couldn’t be happier. The sport might have had more reinventions and rule changes than Madonna and Lady Gaga have changed their style but we are so happy to be part of something revolutionary that changes

everybody it touches… for the better.

Back in August 2010, the Hellfire Harlots were fresh faces on the roller derby scene – a handful of determined women with fire in their bellies. It was the 75th anniversary of roller derby and we wanted to celebrate!

Not only did we host an awesome party, we got to speak to the Godfather of roller derby himself,

Jerry Seltzer and learned for ourselves what exactly our sport had been through to get to where we are today.

Read the whole interview here!


Our history isn’t over, we are still making it and changing the future of every man, woman and child it touches. Even if you, yourself aren’t bitten by the derby bug, you may have a loved one who is firmly under its spell and loves the community, the fitness benefits and the sense of achievement from working so hard to go from Bambi to Mainey.

Talking about a sense of achievement, isn’t it amazing what a sports team can achieve in just five years? Now the Harlots are standing at over 75 members, with our competitive A team ranked today at 5th in UKRDA and 18th in Europe, we are full WFTDA members and we’ve played overseas. We have a fantastic B team establishing itself and an incredible ref crew that keeps us in check. It is humbling to think of where our sport has come from and the work that ordinary people have put in before us, during our careers and hopefully long after retirement to give us this opportunity. Think of how many mothers, fathers and children look up to their derby-playing loved one and feel that immense sense of pride that one feels when someone you care about so much finds a spiritual home and exceeds your expectation of their involvement just through pure determination and hard work.

Roller derby has given us 80 years of awesome, how has the sport changed your life?

Comment below and tell us.