29 January

Happy New Year from the Hellfire Harlots

January is always bleak but we found a way to cheer Nottingham up because the Hellfire Harlots roller derby team hosted a brilliant party to push us out of that ‘January bleurg’ and in to awesomeness.

Our events committee pulled out all the stops bringing lucky party goers rocking bands, dancing girls and the roller girl staple – home baked goodies!

Click here now to see the most excellent photos from the event.

Hey QuadrophonicWe saw Hey Quadrophonic‘s debut gig which is fronted by our very own Scarlett O’Harder and we all thought this band were amazing. Our skaters, refs and supporters know good music and stood in awe at Scarlett’s incredible voice and the other talented musicians owning the stage at The Maze on Mansfield Road.

Fighting Evil is Cool was hugely popular with the crowd too and we’ve got people planning to attend their EP launch gig at the Bodega on 1st February because they were so flipping impressed – keep your eye out for harlots at this gig!

You have to see him to believe it, but Little Boy Blue was the surprise hit of the night. On first sight you might wonder what is happening before your eyes but we easily slipped into quietly bopping along to the cheeky electro sounds and watching the hypnotic movements of blue light across the venue.Little boy blue

We had an amazing time and were thrilled with the turn out, it might have been cold outside but our party was banging until chucking out time. Yeah, it was a bit of a shock stepping outside the door and realising their was a boat-load of snow out on the roads but we’re the Hellfire Harlots! We thought way hey and got trekking through the snow with bellies full of cake and heads full of great new music.

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Many Thanks to Miss Rain for the Images of the night – http://www.missrain.co.uk/