9 June

Harlot Goodies in Action on Hearing Loss Auction

Harlot goodies to be raffled by @debsraces for Action on Hearing Loss

Harlot goodies to be raffled by @debsraces for Action on Hearing Loss

Our McKitten is a whizz on Twitter with eyes of a hawk, heart of a lion and always giving a friendly tweety reply. So when Debbie Hill (@debsraces) got in contact and asked if we could help raise money for a charity close to her heart, McKitten mobilised and arranged for a small gift to go out to to Debs for her to auction off for her chosen charity, Action on Hearing Loss.

Debs has done loads for her chosen charity, she’s run the Virgin London Marathon and various other 10k and 5k races  – all to help Action On Hearing Loss, the charity formerly known as RNID. Her little boy has hearing difficulties and she decided to support Action on Hearing Loss as they are actively helping in the research for his issues. Bless him, her little boy has had two grommet operations so far to help with glue ear and then they can decide what course of action to take next for him.

We think she’s a hero for all she’s doing for her charity so we’ve sent her a Harlot t-shirt, stickers, a keyring and our last bout programme to auction to help her hit her £1,800 target.

Want to get your hands on the Harlot goodies AND help raise money for Action on Hearing Loss (RNID)?

Take a look at Debs’ website http://debsraces.moonfruit.com/home/4582717246 as the auction goes live on Wednesday 11 June.