16 April

What did roller derby do for our body image? #HarlotHappyBody

As part of our hash tag campaign (#HarlotHappyBody on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to get everyone to show themselves a little more love, we decided to create a little infographic about ourselves as a league and look at how we feel about our bodies.

Check out our survey results below:



It’s interesting that roller derby people seem to err on the side of more body proud, maybe it is because we spend some much time focusing on whether our butts can hit someone down at high speed rather than how it looks in a wiggle skirt..? But it is also clear that we all have our issues.

The fact that a large percentage of us have an issue with our stomach is quite sad. Clearly our bellies need some love!

Maybe you could sent us a picture of your lovely tummy with the hash tag #harlothappybody to show us how its done?

Editor’s note

In 2014 the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots are supporting Eating Disorder Service, Freed Beeches by raising awareness about body positivity. Find out how the Harlots are supporting the charity by seeing their press release announcing the move.