25 February

Harlots in the community!

On Saturday 22 February 2014, the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots were invited to two of the Skate Base Nottingham sessions to meet children and families and talk about roller derby. Six of us went along and we had the best time!

I went along with Bettie Mal Seizure, Foe Mica, Panic and two of our newer members, Hazel and Michellie to the Clifton and Kimberley sessions to spread the derby love.

We skated with children as young as three years old which was great practice for us dodging, weaving and stopping amongst the human traffic and was most enjoyable practising laterals and one foot hops to cha cha slide!

We did a walk through of what the very basics of a derby wall would look (using a jammer pantie) and gave a brief explanation of what it is we do. We didn’t want to go into too much detail as those of you who know a derby girl, we can talk derby forever! We also spoke about the protection we wear and a little about the rules of derby for e.g. we don’t punch or kick each other etc.

The families and children we met were super, here are a snippet of some of the questions we were asked by the children…

Boy – “How fast do you go?”
HH- “Super fast! But we like to go slow too!”
Boy – “Watch meeeeeeeee” and off he zoomed!

Girl- “Have you ever played in another country?”
HH- “Yes we went to Sweden last year and this year we will be going to France!”
Girl – “Wow!

Two girls to me:

Girl 1- “How long have you been skating for?”
Me -“Over 1 and a half years! Would you like to be a roller girl?”
Girls 1 and 2- “Yeeeeeah!”
Me – “But to be a Hellfire Harlot and skate with us you need to be 18 years old, could you wait that long?”
Girl 1 – “Yeah!”
Girl 2- “Nooooooo”
Girl 1 – “But you would be 67 by the time we are 18!”
Me – “Haha! I could be a skating grandma until I’m really old!”
(Just to highlight how funny this was the little girl was no older than 6 or 7 and I am 29!)

We were made to feel very welcome as always by everyone. The crew at skate base are really lovely people and give such a wonderful service, they are a credit to the services available in Nottingham for families and the community.

Why don’t you have a go at skating just for fun? Skate Base have safety equipment and skates to hire for a small fee and have sessions located in three different parts of Nottingham over the weekends. Get in touch with them via Facebook, their email and website for up to date session times, locations and prices. Southglade session is closed at the moment but we hope it will open again at some point in the future.

Thank you to everyone at Skate Base Nottingham!

Written by McKitten

Skate Base Nottingham

In the picture with the crew we aren’t being miserable I promise! We were trying to look mean… haha!

Skate Base Nottingham

Everyone at Skate Base made us feel really welcome

Skate Base Nottingham