1 December

Derby Store ‘sparks’ excitement about roller derby equipment

Roller Derby Skates Retailer Derby Store UK

Craig from Derby Store came to visit our Sparks (Fresh Meat) at Monday’s session

We’re really lucky to be one of the few leagues in the country who can call Derby Store UK a much-loved sponsor. Not only does Derby Store keep us in wheels and safety equipment, Craig gives us great and honest advice about the kit he stocks. He even came to talk to our Sparks (fresh meat) about getting the most out of their skates today.

In this evening’s session, Craig talked to a group of skaters that included seasoned referees, A and B squad members and a bunch of our enthusiastic (and already beloved) Sparks. We got to learn about what the deal is with bearings, plate maintenance and best of all,  how those all-important plates actually work! For good measure, he also covered wheels and explained about durometers, grip and how to mix it up. Good stuff!

Big thanks to Craig for coming down to Nottingham to see us tonight, we learned loads and we’re already enjoying our new skate goodies!

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