26 January

Hellfire Harlots B Meet Hell’s Belles for Scrimmy Good Times


Today we have been incredibly lucky to have the fabulous Hell’s Belles drive up from Hertfordshire to scrim with our incredible B team! Thank you ladies, what an awesome game!

A couple of our Harlots A team sat on the side lines encouraging our Harlot sisters on and I know my heart was swelling with pride!

Hellfire Harlots B and Hell’s Belles had a wonderful afternoon of fun, scrimmy times so roller derby wins again, yay! Everyone had something positive from the scrim to take away and as with all good scrims, there was plenty of smiles all round from the skaters.

As always, big thanks to our Zebras and NSOs because without you guys, we can’t scrim or bout or learn how to play safely.

What’s the score?

Sorry guys, it’s a scrim so our lips are sealed – we don’t go shouting about the score win or lose!

If your team is interested in scrimming with the Hellfire Harlots (A, B or a mixture of everyone) then contact us.


Image courtesy of Miss Rain Photography

Harlots B scrim