What does it take to be a Derby Girl?

Roller Derby is a very inclusive sport. You don’t have to be a certain ‘type’ to join us, all we ask is that you are dedicated to the sport and willing to put in the effort to learn.

To begin with you’ll learn how to stand up on skates and because this is roller derby, you’ll learn how to fall too!

Falling will become a part of your derby life and learning how to fall properly will save you from more serious injuries. Many girls get disheartened when they fall but the important thing is to get back up and keep trying!

You’ll also learn the rules too. If you want to skate in a bout then you must have passed your minimum skills, which includes both a skills and written test.  You will need to swot up but don’t worry, we all have to do it and team members and refs are always happy to answer any questions you have.

You don’t have to be fit to start with or even know how to roller skate, but if you put in the effort we can help you to become a part of one of the most exciting sporting events around!

What's in it for you?

Once you immerse yourself in roller derby, you’ll meet so many different people and make lots of new friends.

You’ll get fitter and healthier and you’ll even find yourself considering holiday destinations with a derby team so you can keep on top of your skating. We’ve had skaters join us from all over the UK and from as far as New Zealand. If you get hooked by Roller Derby, it will take over your life and we promise you that is a very good thing.
Still want to try playing roller derby? You might just be what we’re looking for…

Get involved

I want to be a Hellfire Harlots Roller Girl – email sparks@hellfire-harlots.co.uk.

Love skating, stats, rules and regulations? We’re always on the lookout to expand our team of zebras!

I want to be a referee – email sparks@hellfire-harlots.co.uk

I can’t skate, but really want to be involved with your team – email info@hellfire-harlots.co.uk to find out more about our non-skating official (NSO) roles.