3 September

Kit review – roll line grease green wheels (now ice)

Rocking my new wheels

Rocking my new wheels
© Dave McAleavy

So a month or so ago I invested in a set of the roll line grease green wheels (now ice), here’s a cheeky wee review.

I find that because they are so narrow they feel much grippier as the pressure is greater – BUT it’s also easier to control slide when you want to on all floor types. One of the issues I had with previous wheels (very worn radar diamond 92a) was that on floors like sports court they would not slide AT ALL, no matter how much force I put through them, they stuck like glue which meant stopping from speed was very tricky and often ended with me on the floor or doing some crazy high knee chicken dance!
I love the control that these give in terms of when I want them to slide, they will and when I want them to grip, it’s there. I’ll see whether that grip stays when all the wee ridges have worn off.

Things that took a bit of adjusting to:

  • They are super narrow, so when I wanted to go from speed into a hockey stop or power slide, my inside edge wasn’t where I expected it to be and mostly I ended up just doing a baseball slide across the track (remember when they were part of min skills!) This is probably the one thing that took the longest to adjust too a good month or so, but I have spent the past 3 years on wheels that have all been the same width as the heartless/radar diamonds etc, which I always thought as narrow until these. Also, these will make an obnoxious noise when you want them too – I no longer have noise envy when pulling out a tasty power slide (my diamonds were great wheels but made no noise at all. Ever.)

I’ll be interested to see what they’re like on polished wood floors (been on sports court and varnished gym floors but not wood). I really like these wheels, but if anything, they’ve encouraged me to try out more wheels. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘one set fits all’ skater when it comes to wheels, but really, the slightest difference whether it be width, duro or hub etc does make a big difference to subtle changes in the way the skate feels.

Review by Peacock.