22 June

We love Toulouse! French Connection IV à Toulouse!

We’ve been a little bit quiet over the last week since our return from Toulouse, France. Sorry about that!

© Florent Lagasse

© Florent Lagasse

So you’ve probably been figuratively dying to hear about our visit to France… well, it was really quite incredible, not only did we manage to squeeze in a little sight seeing and enjoy the beautiful French sunshine, we got to play the 8th best team in Europe!

French Connection IV à Toulouse was an awesome event, not only was there plenty of derby, the merch was great, the refreshments were yummy and there was even a little sideline of mud wrestling!

First up on the roller derby side of things, Blocka Nostra (Toulouse B) faced The Leopard Avengers (Caen – France) then we were treated to some merby with the Quad Guards playing South Wales Silures. We then stood up to take on Nothing Toulouse (Toulouse A) and wow, what a game! Toulouse were fast, they were smart and they were an inspiration. With a final score of 311 – 78 we fought our hardest but Toulouse are a fantastic team and we are really happy to have met you on the track.

We were obviously disappointed to fly out to France to lose but those gorgeous French girls were incredible! We’ve learned so much from this bout and each and every one of us is hungry to use this experience to grow as skaters and together as a team. Toulouse, if you’ll have us, we’d love to come back some time! Thank you for being such generous hosts, we had a blast!

la french connection
Panic: "Haters gonna hate, skaters gonna levitate"  © Florent Lagasse

Panic: “Haters gonna hate, skaters gonna levitate”
© Florent Lagasse

french connection florent lagasse

© Florent Lagasse

By Kill’Her Instinct

P.S. Here is a bonus shot of our skaters who won Toulouse’s bout awards:

  • Best Harlot Blocker – Wren E. Gade
  • Best Harlot Jammer – Terroryaki Smak
  • Harlot MVP – Joannasaurus
Joannasaurus, Smak and Wren E. Gade with their prizes!

Joannasaurus, Smak and Wrenegade with their prizes!

  • Panic!

    Haah Skater gonna levitate. Why am I so funny?