15 February

Love Week – Hellfire Harlots Lovely Postcards

My oh my, have we got a treat for you! Unfortunately, our website was down this week but we still managed to get these lovely Valentine’s out to you on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you’re not following us, off you pop – do it now! We’ll still be here.

Because we love y’all, here are all our Roller Derby Love themed postcards all in one blog.

Monday, Monday so good to me – Shove at first sight!

Shove at first sight roller derby postcard

Roses are red, violets are blue, here is love week’s postcard no. 2!

Will you be my lead jammer?

Who is your derby crush? At Tattoo Freeze, I heard one of the announcers declare their new derby crush was Wren E. Gade!

derby crush

Head over wheels for you… what? A cartwheel on skates! Sure I’ve seen Bunnie Suicide do that…

head over wheels

Seizure loves a sloth hug be it accidental or on purpose!

sloth hugs

Hope you enjoyed our roller derby postcards! Keep looking out on Twitter and Instagram for more cool stuff from us.

Love and Shoves

The Hellfire Harlots xx