30 December

Make May K. Fist a Vegan cover star!

May K. Fist - make her a cover star for Definition magazine!

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Not only is May K. Fist a much-loved and dedicated member of the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots, she is our Head of Recruitment and has taught a huge number of our members how to skate and how to be safe. This lady is not only a scary blocker who is able to knock you clean off your feet but she is a super-star jammer who never gives up, never complains and works so hard but never looks flustered.

  • Oh yeah, and she is vegan too!

Yep, May K. Fist is entirely plant-powered and a health and fitness machine! Regular winner of our plank-offs, enviable muscles

May K. Fist – we all love you and think you’re a very deserving cover star! Please like her pic before 12 January 2015 and make our May K. Fist Definition magazine’s cover girl!