2 June

Harlots rock the Playhouse’s Mass Bolero

The Nottingham Hellfire Harlots are always looking at how we can contribute to our community, and got super excited when we heard about a project called Mass Bolero late last year.

Friday 14 February 2014 marked the anniversary, 30 years to the day, that Torvill and Dean won their Olympic Gold in Sarajevo, with Bolero, and to celebrate this, Nottingham Playhouse launched a project with Community groups, schools, sports venues and individuals being asked to join in with Nottingham Playhouse to recreate their world-famous Bolero ice dance, as part of a world premiere film.

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Syncing up our moves on the roof of Broadmarsh car park

Our request to take part was accepted and we were booked for our first rehearsal with the Choreographer during March. We were aware that the dance had been re-choreographed from ice skates to foot and it would be split into 25 sections of which we would be given one to rehearse and then be filmed but not much more.



Although our piece was short it was difficult to get right and only a couple of us had had any prior dance training. It only got harder and funnier when we added it to the music.

The rehearsals went well but it wasn’t long before we and the director Fiona Buffini agreed that we could do a better job on skates rather than off.

Inspecting our positions

Inspecting our positions

For the second rehearsal we donned full kit. After a couple of hours we felt we had it nailed so waited for the final week and filming.

Filming took place on 10 April, we arrived atop Broadmarsh Car Park and took the opportunity to warm up and skate a couple of laps somewhere we would never normally be allowed to skate.


We then spent half an hour with the choreographer making final adjustments and then we were ready. The film crew was set up, our places marked on the floor with chalk and we performed our piece. Great!! It went well. “Now we need to film it again, and again, and again for close ups. Countless times we threw ourselves to the ground until the crew were happy they’d got everything they needed. Sore of hip we were glad to hear “it’s a wrap”.

On Friday 23 May Mass Bolero was premiered at Nottingham Playhouse as part of the NEAT Festival and shown as part of the Launch of Notts Tv on 27 May.


'dying' Harlots at the end. HOLD YOUR POSITION, LADIES!Attended by many of the groups that had taken part in the filming we were excited to see what had been made of our 30+ Harlots made it all anxious to see what had been made of our piece and how it would all fit together. The movie short is a wonderful portrayal of the people of Notts, its funny, heart warming and joyous and we’re glad we had the opportunity to take part.

Watch the full video now!

Thank you to Nathan Rose and Fiona Buffini of the Nottingham Playhouse for making this possible.

Mass Bolero is a co-commission by Nottingham Playhouse, Foundation for Community Dance and Dance 4. Supported by Confetti Media Group, Notts TV and Spool.

Written by Taz-Mania DeVille

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That’s a wrap! Harlots get together for a quick photo when filming is finished.

Cheers to Eddie Whizzard for the ‘behind the scenes’ pictures!