Transferring to Hellfire Harlots - Spotlight on Becky Smith

3rd May, 2019

I transferred from Hull’s Angels Roller Derby (HARD) to Nottingham Hellfire Harlots in December 2018. I made this decision one afternoon, as I sat writing my proposal to become HARD's Captain for the following season. But I felt restless. I wanted...

Transferring to Hellfire Harlots - Spotlight on Becky Smith

Tiki Terror on the real importance of cross training

18th March, 2019

Many of us take up roller derby because it doesn’t feel like exercise. It’s a sport that doesn’t feel like a sport. The moment you strap your skates on and get on track, you don’t get the same feeling...

Tiki Terror on the real importance of cross training

The open recruitment experience - Vamp Vengeance

12th March, 2019

Hello potential new recruits! My name is Vamp Vengeance (aka Naomi) and I'm currently a semi-newbie with Nottingham's Hellfire Harlots. I (hopefully) will be graduating out of Sparks (which is essentially the...

The open recruitment experience - Vamp Vengeance

22 June

We’ve been a little bit quiet over the last week since our return from Toulouse, France. Sorry about that! So you’ve probably been figuratively dying to hear about our visit to France… well, it was really quite incredible, not only did we manage to squeeze in a little sight seeing and enjoy the beautiful French sunshine,… Read more »

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9 June Harlot goodies to be raffled by @debsraces for Action on Hearing Loss

Our McKitten is a whizz on Twitter with eyes of a hawk, heart of a lion and always giving a friendly tweety reply. So when Debbie Hill (@debsraces) got in contact and asked if we could help raise money for a charity close to her heart, McKitten mobilised and arranged for a small gift to… Read more »

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2 June

The Nottingham Hellfire Harlots are always looking at how we can contribute to our community, and got super excited when we heard about a project called Mass Bolero late last year. Friday 14 February 2014 marked the anniversary, 30 years to the day, that Torvill and Dean won their Olympic Gold in Sarajevo, with Bolero,… Read more »

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20 May

I don’t mind who knows that when I was 21, I looked in to having surgery to make my breasts bigger. I’d just been made redundant so I was young with a lump sum of cash and of course my first thoughts were ‘woo hoo, let’s make my lady lumps more lady-like!’ Surgery seems like… Read more »

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19 May

We love a good party (particularly victorious after parties) but none more than ones to celebrate our team’s birthday! On 10 May 2014  the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots roller derby team turned four so we wanted to celebrate everything we have achieved in four years e.g. establishing an awesome B team, becoming WFTDA members and recruiting… Read more »

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