Skating away to a new Derby Family

10th March, 2017

So ….. I’m a Harlot now, guess that’s a good place to start my story :) I’ve been skating for around 7 years and due to moving around for work and things I am on my third home league. After...

Skating away to a new Derby Family

Fitness and Body Composition Testing at Touchstone Wellness Centre

6th March, 2017

I first heard about Touchstone when an email hit my inbox from Jack, a trainer there. I thought it was spam at first, but when I saw it was about a “Health and Wellbeing Centre” right near my work...

Fitness and Body Composition Testing at Touchstone Wellness Centre

Derbycraft - Roller Derby knitting!

28th February, 2017

What do roller derby and knitting have to do with each other? (Well, apart from the fact that they’re my twin extracurricular passions, and that I was introduced to both by referee Zebra Harry?) It would be difficult to...

Derbycraft - Roller Derby knitting!

16 July

By Miss May-Hemm It’s fair to say I am not a natural at Roller Derby [ed remark: disagree!], so when it was time for my first scrim I was quite nervous. The Hellfire Harlots are possibly some of the best motivators and supporters I have ever known, so when I voiced my anxiety they were… Read more »

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4 July

What an incredible week for women’s sport in particular, women’s football. The women’s England football team, the Lionesses may have lost out at the semi-final stage in the FIFA 2015 Women’s World Cup but oh my goodness, what a way to leave the World Cup! They entered the tournament without the same kind of support… Read more »

30 June

They are fierce, they are fast and they play a contact sport on roller skates! On Saturday 27th June at Nottingham Trent University, the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots hosted the most recent instalment in Tier 2 North British Championships of roller derby. Four teams from Tier 2 of the roller derby British Championships (or British Champs)… Read more »

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12 May

Unlike many of our derby friends, we are really lucky to have a great relationship with our training venue. Southglade Leisure Centre have not only let us paint down a full-sized WFTDA track on their sports hall floor, they supported us when we were fundraising to get our team to A Skate Odyssey, and when they… Read more »

8 May

I’ve been working so hard at a lot of things lately that the inspiration to be awesome hasn’t been as forthcoming for me as it has in the past. Unforgiving deadlines, a growing to-do list with no end in sight and physio to work on burns a person out, leaving her going through the motions… Read more »

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