Hooli Hell

What is your Roller Derby Name? 

Hooli Hell #16

How did you find out about roller derby? 

‘Whip It’ the film was the first time I heard about roller derby. I found out about roller derby in Nottingham because my friends friend was playing a game up the road from me.

What’s your proudest derby moment so far? 

There are two because the first lead to the second…

  1. Surviving my first ever scrim, where I jammed and spent a lot of time on the floor but was commended on how quickly I got up each time. I think this is when I started believing in my own ability.
  2. Jamming for the A-team for the first time against the Birmingham Blitz Dames and the Middlesborough Milk Rollers at the Queens of the Sin Bin Tournament 2013.

Do you have any other hobbies besides roller derby?

I am always designing/making something. I make Hoolio’s which are plushie owls, key rings etc. Which is where my derby name came from, Hoolio – Hooli Hell. I travel as much as I can, derby actually helps this.

What three essential pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in Roller Derby for the first time?

  • Just have a go.
  • Have fun and believe in yourself.
  • As soon as you are sure this is for you get the right kit. It makes a massive difference.