Louisa Ellins

What is your derby dream?

I am currently re-visiting my ambitions for roller derby as I achieved my dream to play for the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots A team.

What’s your poison?

The Lacehouse in Nottingham do this gorgeous ginger mojito that I could drink until I can’t stand or run out of money. Ooh, or that cherry bourbon one…

What are your favourite wheels?

I love my 89/92 Surgrip zombies. My only regret was getting the mids and not the lows. Oh, and not cutting down the bolt enough on my plates when I mounted them so it scored two of my wheels. So two regrets :/

What’s your favourite food?

Pizza, all of your food groups in one meal and emotionally healing, what’s not to love?

What three essential pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in Roller Derby for the first time?

  1. Do not give up. It hurts at first when you fall or you don’t feel you’re learning quickly enough but I promise it is worth it.
  2. Get the best knee, mouth and head protection you can afford. They are more important than your skates!
  3. Get involved with the team, everyone has skills that can benefit the team and it’s the quickest way to make new friends.