The Ruth Fairy

What is your Roller Derby Name?

The Ruth Fairy

What is your alter ego? (i.e. what do you do when you aren’t on the track)

I’m a junior doctor.

How did you find out about roller derby?

I needed a new hobby after many failed attempts at trying to take up new things-so grateful I discovered roller derby.

Who are your favourite team?

Aside from obviously the Harlots I have a soft spot for all the teams I’ve skated with-Leeds Roller Dolls, Dolly Rockit Rollers and a bit of time as a guest with Auld Reekie.

What is your worst / best Roller Derby Injury to date?

Faceplanting and worrying I’d broken my nose during a trip to rollerworld.

What three essential pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to get involved in Roller Derby for the first time?

  • Listen to the coaches and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions.
  • Be patient and keep trying.
  • Try not to be frustrated by others seeming to progress faster than you, think about how much you’ve achieved already.