Tiki Terror

What is your Roller Derby Name?

Tiki Terror #626

How did you find out about roller derby?

I was talking to a friend when I was in Birmingham about skating from a young age and she mentioned she used to play roller derby which sounded pretty cool! I went along, started roller derby in 2009 and gradually found my way to Hellfire Harlots!

What are your favourite wheels?

I am obsessed with Juice wheels. I skate on Juice Martini Cosmo 93a, they are squishy and mean that I can have both speed and grip without compromise or sacrifice! I also have Juice Java wheels in a variety of durometers. I like to be prepared and I like wheels. I’d like another durometer of Juice Martini but they are expensive!

Who is favourite roller derby girl (or ref)?

Rangeon! Her footwork, speed control, track/skater awareness and ability to block is just awesome to watch! She has also come from an ice-based sporting background which makes her even more awesome!

Do you have any other hobbies besides roller derby?

I’m a fairly accomplished singer which is kinda cool! I’ve been classically trained for 10 years, I’ve performed at big festivals such as Bloodstock Metal festival, shared the stage with some kickass bands both underground and well known, been in some awesome media, met some awesome people and generally had a really good time!