7 January

Rolling with the changes into 2017

Change. Full throttle, keep-up-or-crash change has been the theme of 2016. We’ve seen an explosion of fresh talent in our A and B team rosters. Internally, we’ve got lots of new rock stars behind the scenes working miracles, doing the commendable, usually thankless task of running our league (read:cat-wrangling).

We’re starting 2017 with a bout against one of our neighbouring leagues and delightful adversaries, the Leicester Dolly Rockit Rollers, and without skipping a beat; jetting off to France for the Caen 2017 tournament. We’ll start the tournament facing Madrid Roller Derby.

This year, we’re reaping the rewards of being resilient and adaptable through lots of changes last couple of years. Four of our most seasoned all stars retired (Dickson, Wrenegade, Peacock, McKitten) and we have welcomed six new faces (Block Beauty, Disface, Hylander, Redfern, Jane Eerie and Kirk) to our A team roster. At home, we were victorious in our bouts against Manchester Roller Derby,  Hulls Angels Roller Derby B and Nottingham Roller Girls but faced heavy losses away to Nantes Derby Girls, Brussels Roller Pixies and Roller Derby Madrid. We faced some really tough teams on our travels and after a difficult tournament of defeat, fought hard and defeated Amsterdam Derby Dames at West Track Story IV. We have appointed a new Chairwoman and ex B Team Vice Captain, Taz-Mania DeVille who has guided us through all of this change.

Alongside all of the skating, our fundraising campaigns are ever improving. This year, we’re aiming to build on last years successful pub quiz, raffles, clothes swap, and our hit event, the Great British Skate Off Spooktactular. We’ve also been getting out and about in the wider Derby-verse, by hosting a bootcamp and attending Eurocon.

Image 5 raffle-blanket


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