4 February

Royal Windsor Roller Girls – Bout Update


Nottingham roller derby team the Hellfire Harlots have won their first WFTDA sanctioned bout of the season against London’s Royal Windsor Roller Girls.

Held in Windsor on Saturday 1 February, the Nottingham team brought home the win with a score of 184-140.

Team captain and Head of Training, Joannasaurus said, “I am so proud of the team because everything we did, we did it together and exactly as we have trained to do.

“We were the underdogs so to come away with a win by 44 points is a great testiment to the hard work we all put in on and off the track.”

The Nottingham team had to go out with a strong defence from the first whistle to ensure Royal Windsor had to fight for every point they scored. The Nottingham team were first to put points on the board and Windsor were quick to catch up, keeping the audience in the sports hall and the team’s Twitter followers anxiously biting their nails.

Early in the game there were a couple of brief lead changes but Windsor were never able to solidly defend against Nottingham’s jammers and couldn’t shake Nottingham’s walls to get their own jammers through in order to score. Although Windsor closed the points gap to as little as one point in the second half a couple of times, the Hellfire Harlots refused to allow them the chance to sneak ahead and charged ahead in the final 10 minutes, not allowing Windsor to score even as many as 10 points in those 10 minutes. Final score NHH 184 – RWRG 140.

This was the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots’ first fully WFTDA sanctioned bout since becoming a WFTDA member league in December 2013.

For the latest information about the Nottingham Hellfire Harlots’ upcoming bouts, see their website http://hellfire-harlots.co.uk/events/