2 February

Scrim! Thank You Sheffield Steel Roller Girls

How lucky are we getting two teams to visit us for a scrim two weeks running? Last week, Hells Belles scrimmed with our B-team and this week we had Sheffield Steel Roller Girls come to join us for our mixed (A+B team) Scrim Sunday.

Following our bout with Royal Windsor Roller Girls down in London yesterday, we were feeling pretty pooped but absolutely ready to go again because it turns out we’re a little crazy like that.

Sheffield were immense and gave us a really good run for our money. When don’t they?! I don’t know about everyone else but oh boy, my legs do ache! Stretching is your friend, kids so don’t forget two days running *hobbles off and cries at own silliness*.

As always, a huge thank you to our Zebras and NSOs plus the visiting officials for helping us get to play great roller derby.


SSRG Scrim HH Nottingham