10 March

Skating away to a new Derby Family

Block Beauty

By Block Beauty (photo by Matthew Anderson)

So ….. I’m a Harlot now, guess that’s a good place to start my story 🙂

I’ve been skating for around 7 years and due to moving around for work and things I am on my third home league. After skating with TBB (my last league) for just over a year, I was offered a job opportunity in London and so ended up there for 4 months. I never got round to organising myself whilst I was there and so other than the odd scrim etc I had 4 months off skating.
Once I knew I was moving up to Nottingham, I had a chat with George (Mak) one of the Harlots as I was really interested in joining the team. I was itching to get back on skates and wanted a bit more info before I contacted them. We had a good chat about the team and I decided they were definitely the team for me, she explained the process and put me in touch with the relevant person. Once we had gone through all of that and I had moved up here it was time to go along to my first session with them.

This Girl Can
I’ll be completely honest here, even though I’ve been skating for a few years now and been a member of two different leagues I was still bricking it!! I don’t know whether it was the fact of me having 4 months off, or that feeling of the first day at school …..

Luckily, as I pulled into the car park I recognised a couple of people as being skaters from their large wheely bags helmets strapped to the outside so I tagged along. Mak was leading that session and so introduced me to the team – it made me feel at ease seeing a bunch of friendly faces as well as people welcoming me and saying they were looking forward to having me on the team.

Captain's Award

I’ve been luckily enough to already played 5 games with the HH including a tournament in Caen (for which I VERY unexpectedly got the captains award :D). I really feel like I have found my feet and am so proud to call myself a Harlot! I could not ask for more supportive coaches, bench manager or team mates. I know people always say that roller derby is more of a community than just a sport, but I have really found a new family with the Harlots. I know that these guys bring out the best in me on and off track and would have my back no matter what! I couldn’t ask for a better bunch to skate, compete and socialise with! They have the perfect balance between competitiveness and fun!
S K D!!!

Hellfire Harlots Caen