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Learning lasts a lifetime

It’s a really old saying and one that gets brushed under the carpet but it really is true. Personally, I learn a whole heap at every game and training session that I attend with my league. It’s part of my job and if I leave any session without more knowledge than I turned up with… Read more »

Bench Coach – What I’m Thinking On Bout Day


So what do I think about most of all on game day? Simple answer is, what don’t I think about? Luckily I am involved in a team of very talented skaters who totally buy in to the ethos of this team, which in short saves me huge headaches. So what does that leave? It leaves… Read more »

Bench Coach – How I See It


When I heard of the derby revival hitting Europe, I was totally excited to see a bout. Four or so years ago I was reaching the end of a 10 year long career in a sport far removed from conventional mainstream sports and as many ex-athletes know, there is a huge void to fill… and… Read more »