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Guest post: Body Confidence by Astrid Longhurst

Hi everyone, my name is Astrid Longhurst. I am a life & Body Confidence Coach and also the author of the book “Body Confidence.” I just wanted to say a big thank you to Jenny for asking me to write this blog. Finn Furious and I met in that space called virtual reality on a radio discussion [BBC… Read more »

Have you fallen into a different body image trap?

You might have seen Finn Furious’ awesome infographic showing how participating in a sport (roller derby, yeah!) has boosted our league members’ confidence. It is very easy to credit something external to you as ‘curing’ you of body image issues, but as Bunnie Suicide writes as part of our series on body positivity and the… Read more »

Body confidence the roller derby way part two

Continuing on with Finn Furious‘ blog about body confidence. If you missed it, check out part one. 6) Appreciate your body for what it does, not what it looks like. If you genuinely are at a point that you can’t think of anything you actually like about your body then it’s time to start thinking… Read more »