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Come one, come all to Hellfire Harlots Bout 3, 2014!

Wondering what to do between the Hellfire Harlots A and B team bouts? Wonder no more! We have cool merch from all the teams skating (Central City, Hellfire Harlots and Sheffield Steel) plus other businesses setting up shop for the afternoon including: Odonata, Snooty Snouts, Marching Stars Distro and Juice Plus. To keep you all sweet, we’re also selling… Read more »

Bench Coach – What I’m Thinking On Bout Day


So what do I think about most of all on game day? Simple answer is, what don’t I think about? Luckily I am involved in a team of very talented skaters who totally buy in to the ethos of this team, which in short saves me huge headaches. So what does that leave? It leaves… Read more »