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What did roller derby do for our body image? #HarlotHappyBody

As part of our hash tag campaign (#HarlotHappyBody on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to get everyone to show themselves a little more love, we decided to create a little infographic about ourselves as a league and look at how we feel about our bodies. Check out our survey results below: \ It’s interesting that roller… Read more »

10 ways to be an asset to your team

Flying the HH flag

Running a roller derby team could easily be a full time job in itself so you’ll find that everybody needs to pull together for your league to become super awesome… so I’ve been thinking of ways you can help out and be an asset to your team. Volunteer! Use your enthusiasm and off-skates skills to… Read more »

Shin Splints or Not? How I Beat Them


When I eventually plucked up the courage to start skating I never thought it would be pain that would hold me back. I am a big lass and wrongly thought it would be my complete lack of fitness and size that would slow me down. As soon as I started roller derby I was bitten… Read more »