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Should you go legit in roller derby?

Me sporting a lovely boutfit. 

© China Blade 2012

Derby names are part of our sport, right? They can be really clever, creative and just damn cool. They are part of our history, our culture and give skaters who appreciate their privacy an alter ego to channel. But what about the future of our sport? Is it our derby names and boutfits that stop… Read more »

We love Toulouse! French Connection IV à Toulouse!

Panic: "Haters gonna hate, skaters gonna levitate" 

© Florent Lagasse

We’ve been a little bit quiet over the last week since our return from Toulouse, France. Sorry about that! So you’ve probably been figuratively dying to hear about our visit to France… well, it was really quite incredible, not only did we manage to squeeze in a little sight seeing and enjoy the beautiful French sunshine,… Read more »

Learning lasts a lifetime


It’s a really old saying and one that gets brushed under the carpet but it really is true. Personally, I learn a whole heap at every game and training session that I attend with my league. It’s part of my job and if I leave any session without more knowledge than I turned up with… Read more »