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Nottingham Hellfire Harlots Take Another Win in 2014

Manchester Roller Derby

Nottingham roller derby team the Hellfire Harlots have won their first home bout of the year against Manchester Roller Derby. Held at Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus on Saturday 1 March, the Nottingham team secured a narrow win with a final score of 159-145. Team captain and Head of Training, Joannasaurus said, “Manchester Roller Derby… Read more »

Bench Coach – How I See It


When I heard of the derby revival hitting Europe, I was totally excited to see a bout. Four or so years ago I was reaching the end of a 10 year long career in a sport far removed from conventional mainstream sports and as many ex-athletes know, there is a huge void to fill… and… Read more »

A practical guide for dealing with “butthurt”

Butthurt isn’t just when you sit on one (or eight) of your wheels at speed, it’s a perceived slight against you that you feel is undeserved and you could suffer from it because you don’t make the team, you disagree with a penalty or someone gives you advice that you didn’t ask for. Basically, your… Read more »