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Why I Started Roller Derby By Kay Blammity

This is my story of why I had a go and why I keep going back again and again. It was nearly two years ago when I nervously went along to my first Sparks session. I had missed the first one and I was jointly terrified that the Harlots wouldn’t take me and that they… Read more »

Love Week – Hellfire Harlots Lovely Postcards

My oh my, have we got a treat for you! Unfortunately, our website was down this week but we still managed to get these lovely Valentine’s out to you on our Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you’re not following us, off you pop – do it now! We’ll still be here. Because we love y’all,… Read more »

How to be a good (Derby) Wife

derby wife

A Valentine’s blog by Coco De Maul So, you’ve started Roller Derby, Congratulations! What is this “Derby Wife” that you keep hearing so much about? Along with the kit and the name, is having a derby wife one of those things that you have to obtain in order to gain the full Roller Derby Experience?… Read more »

Who runs the Hellfire Harlots? We all do!

A roller derby league can only be awesome with dedicated and amazing people behind the scenes and when everything runs smoothly, great stuff happens. Nights out, top notch training and bouts to remember don’t happen on their own, everybody in a league has to pitch in as most roller derby leagues are run by the… Read more »

Scrim! Thank You Sheffield Steel Roller Girls

SSRG Scrim HH Nottingham

How lucky are we getting two teams to visit us for a scrim two weeks running? Last week, Hells Belles scrimmed with our B-team and this week we had Sheffield Steel Roller Girls come to join us for our mixed (A+B team) Scrim Sunday. Following our bout with Royal Windsor Roller Girls down in London… Read more »