22 September

This time, it’s your time to play roller derby in Nottingham


This time, it is your time to find out exactly what roller derby could mean to you. Yes, it’s a full contact sport and yes, we are a women’s league but what more is there to roller derby? Turns out, quite a lot!

When we decided it was time to open our doors to new recruits and bring more of Nottingham’s women into our sport, we thought about what roller derby gives us the time to do. For some people, it’s escape from ‘real’ life, for others it is tapping in to that athleticism that was always there but traditional sports never quite scratched the itch… We put the question out to our league, “What is roller derby your time to do?” and the response was incredible.

So many of our members are here and giving their time, their energy and their hearts week in, week out that we had to showcase it somehow.

Finn Furious, the league’s graphic design legend created lots of images for the team to share about what roller derby means to them and they are a great representation of why women in Nottingham want to play roller derby. Maybe some of these will ring true for you?

If you want to join us, we want to hear from you! Email our Head of Recruitment, May K. Fist on sparks@hellfire-harlots.co.uk to book your place and your kit in advance.

If you come to any one of our open sessions at Mapperley Sports Village, you can continue our 12 week Sparks programme:

  • Thursday 8th October
  • Thursday 15th October
  • Thursday 22nd October

Sorry, we can’t take drop-ins on the day so please email us to avoid disappointment.

What could roller derby be your time for? Tweet or Instagram us using the hashtag #mytimeto and we’ll retweet/regram the best ones!

Here are just a few images that we’ll be sharing over the coming weeks so look out for these and some new ones too!

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