20 January

What we’re up to – January ’15


Ever since we heard rumblings of a campaign to be launched by Sport England to encourage more women to get in to sport, we have been excited but anxious at the same time. In response to the negativity surrounding “thinspiration”, “fitspiration” became a thing… but it didn’t really change the message that you need to be a certain body type to inspire others.

Luckily, we weren’t disappointed in what Sport England came up with! #ThisGirlCan launched and we saw the most brilliant video showing women of all shapes and sizes having fun playing sport and not giving a tiny rat’s behind about how they look doing it. Anyone who has played roller derby or lived with a person who plays KNOWS how few flips they give about sweat because training, scrimming or bouting was AWESOME!

Check out the video!

Last year our #HarlotHappyBody campaign got the local area and the derby community talking about body positivity when we found that a community of women having a laugh and playing roller derby together made massive improvements in our body images. For us, it was powerful stuff.

We are a growing league of over 70 voices and we shout pretty loud but even we need the extra push to tell women everywhere:

Hey, it’s ok to love who you are and it’s ok to do sport for fun and not just to get thin!

This is why we love, love, LOVE the #ThisGirlCan campaign! Exercise has its health benefits but when you play a team sport you find fun and you find a whole new family and a whole new appreciation of what your body can do and wow, it feels good.

How are we getting involved with #ThisGirlCan?

Watch this space! We’re not in this for the short term because our health and happiness and your health and happiness matter. Being thin is ok but so is being slim and so is being muscular or curvaceous. Roller derby needs all us tall girls, short girls, girls with hips and girls with tits and if you’re lurking on the sofa now thinking “I wish I could play roller derby but I’m not sporty.” Have a word with yourself and our Head of Recruitment, May K. Fist. Email sparks@hellfire-harlots.co.uk and register your interest for our next recruitment drive.

#thisgirlcan roller derby

Exhausted, sweaty but pretty happy. Hell yeah #ThisGirlCan play roller derby!