3 February

Who runs the Hellfire Harlots? We all do!

A roller derby league can only be awesome with dedicated and amazing people behind the scenes and when everything runs smoothly, great stuff happens. Nights out, top notch training and bouts to remember don’t happen on their own, everybody in a league has to pitch in as most roller derby leagues are run by the skaters, for the skaters. Everything anybody does is unpaid, on their own time and done because they love their league… and you probably love them for all their hard work too.

The Hellfire Harlots roller derby team is run by committee, so  roles are scoped out and members vote on who they want to fill these roles.

A main committee will be responsible for everything that happens which will be including (but not limited to the following):

  • Getting your league recognised by WFTDA and/or UKRDA so you can play fully sanctioned bouts and play great teams as our sport grows in popularity.
  • Keeping detailed accounts and sorting out finances so sports halls are hired, guest coaches are paid for and the league’s insurance is paid on time.
  • Keeping a record of attendance.
  • Protecting your team’s brand and making the team known in the wider local community.
  • Running recruitment drives.
  • Running bouts.
  • Making sure everybody who skates is trained to be safe first and awesome next.

And that’s hardly an exhaustive list!

The more people who get involved, the more that can be done! A league cannot by run by just one or two people, they’d collapse under the strain!

So who drives the Hellfire Harlots to greatness? Say hello to our Main Committee who were elected by members at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September 2013:

Chair – Kitty Fury

Head of Admin – Wren E. Gade

Treasurer – Carrie Cyanide

Head of PR and Marketing – Finn Furious

Head of Training – Joannasaurus

Head of Recruitment – May K. Fist

Head of Bout Committee – Dredd Blox

Head of Events – Lanny Bomb

Head Referee – Eddie Whizzard

Committee work is like having a second day job so our Main Committee really appreciate help from other members and each ‘Head of’ runs their own sub committee of other talented members who want to help keep the Hellfire Harlots running.  (Finn’s PR sub-committee has 16 members!) Don’t forget that you don’t have to skate to get involved, our head NSO, one of our refs and all round great guy, McG broke his wrist and carried on coming to training anyway and helping with admin and drills.

Main Committee rocks so we can roll and we can’t keep running without the time poured in by our members so if you’re new to the Harlots and want to help out, just ask because whatever skills you have, we could probably use them!

So from all of us who enjoy being part of Nottingham’s biggest and highest ranked roller derby league, thank you Main Committee for all your hard work, the time you put in to make the Hellfire Harlots great! <3

With thanks to Distinct Perception Photography

With thanks to Distinct Perception Photography